About Us

ITS - We are a small company based out of Northern Virginia. Our primary focus is to provide quality security services at an affordable price for small to medium sized businesses. 

Our founder - GE Scott Knauss born and raised in Virginia, he finished high school and joined the Navy. In the Navy, he studied Nuclear power and later, after a skiing accident took him off of submarine duty, Scott started working with computers and networking. From there, he got out of the Navy and started contracting for the Navy. He worked first as an administrator,Scott Knauss then moved up to working as a NOC engineer for the Navy’s Mediterranean fleet and then as the Lead Engineer in that same NOC in Naples, Italy. Providing internet services and protecting the fleet from cyber attacks was a major part of Scott’s career for more than 13 years. He then moved on to perform security auditing and penetration testing with Navy’s Red Team testing new systems before they were released to the fleet. Now Scott is using that breadth of experience and knowledge to perform audits and penetration testing for small businesses and websites across the Internet.

The name - As a young boy, Scott's nickname was "Mouse", partly for his penchant for being able to sneak around quietly, and partly because it rhymes with the correct pronunciation of his last name, Knauss ( ka-nous). Scott took the last name spelling and adopted it to the spelling of Mauss. Later, Mauss didn't seem unique enough, so it changed to immauss short for "I am Mauss". As Scott's Internet presence progressed, this became his de facto username and was a natural for his company and domain name.