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Submitted by scott on

I was recently contacted by a client for advice on selecting a VPN service for their employees to use. The goal was to provide them a VPN service they could use when connecting in coffee shops and other unencrypted/possibly rouge environments, but also to provide a single or small pool of IPs they could give to security conscious clients when doing remote work

 When I took a look a the options they were given, I was appalled. The costs to me where ludicrous! Per user costs! I can understand a limit on the number of users, but per user? Long story short, I offered to setup an easily maintainable and manageable VPN server for them. It uses LDAP authentication, is cable of user keys, simple passwords, or multi-factor authentication, all with a beautiful GUI to manage the users. The total cost was a fraction of what the big services were asking, and it's a dedicated VPN. If you are interested in something similar, contact us and ask about our VPN server setups. We can configure anything from a single all in one VPN node, to a multi node VPNs authenticated with redundant LDAP servers.