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A big expense in performing an onsite network and system security audit is establishing a presence on-scene. Travel, lodging & meals for an audit that could take days or weeks can get expensive fast. To reduce the costs of onsite auditing, we can ship a small computer to the site that will perform most of the work for us remotely.


The Audit-PiĀ© is pre-configured to work with the customer network and requires only power and a single ethernet connection (Patent pending process). Once connected, the Audit-Pi provides the security analyst a view of the customer's internal network as if he were on site.  The analyst communicates with the Audit-Pi via an AES encrypted channel to ensure the security and privacy of the customer's data. For sites with multiple networks or complex architectures, multiple Audit-Pi machines can be sent or a single Audit-Pi could be moved from network to network. With the addition of a wireless adapter and high gain antenna, the Audit-Pi can also be used to perform a wireless survey of the site.  When the audit is complete, the client returns the Audit-Pi via pre-paid shipping. For more information, contact us.