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I've been asked by a few colleagues and friends about the podcasts that I listen to regularly, so I thought it would be a good idea to document it here for reference. If you don't listen to podcasts to keep up with the news, then you are missing out. I drive quite a bit, and it always bothers me that I feel like I'm losing that time, that I should be accomplishing something. I compensate that with podcasts. Some of them help me keep up with current trends and new vulnerabilities, and some of them teach me new things. While others ..... well .... they scare even me.   So without further adieu, in no specific order, here are the podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. 
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  • SANS Internet Storm Center's Storm Cast  - This is a daily (Monday - Friday) podcast with the latest in security news, vulnerabilities, and breaches.  This one is essential to staying on top of the major issues.
  • The Cyberwire - Another daily podcast with weekend specials. Dave Bitner covers the leading news topics and usually has an interview with someone in the cyber security or related fields. Dave also has good/dry sense of humor that makes the security news a little more fun to listen to. 
  • Security Now  - Probably the longest running security podcast in existence. Steve Gibson and his co-host Leo Laporte, cover Security in this weekly pod cast from the network. Steve will often do deep dives in to how things work. This is one the few podcasts that I would say even the older episodes remain relevant. Steve's site,, is also a wealth of information and free tools as well as full transcripts of all of the Security Now episodes. 
  • Smashing Security - Another weekly podcast on security, but with a slightly more humorous slant. Grahm Cluley and Carole Theriault along with a different guest host each week, talk about security and other tech blunders of the week. Entertaining and Educational, what more could you ask. ( They do get a little carried away sometimes,and there might be some strong language, but not often.)
  • Hacking Humans - Another podcast from The Cyberwire, Dave & Joe talk about Social Engineering, phishing schemes, and scams on the internet. Another weekly podcast, this is an essential for anyone who wants to understand the scams that people run on the internet. 
  • Darknet Diaries - Billed as "True stories from the dark side of the Internet", this is one of my favorites. But it is also the one that scares me the most. I strongly recommend going back to the beginning and listening to them all all. The stories are generally from the past, so rarely is what he's talking about "current" like the other podcasts on this list. It will truly give you a view of the "Darker" things that are happening on the internet. Jack Rhysider has a unique and entertaining method of delivering thes stories and has clearly put of great deal of time into researching them. His shows include interviews, and from time to time can include some harsh language, but he usually warns you in advance. 
  • Grumpy Old Geeks -  For me, these guys are are awesome. Kindred spirits even. They can be an acquired taste, but if you can handle their often crass and harsh language they are exactly what the title says. They also have a  weekly segment on Security with Dave Bitner from The Cyberwire. This one may not be for everyone, and is not specifically security focused, but they do cover much of what is wrong with the Internet and technology and have a prophetic nature of looking at the tech world. 


No article on podcasts is complete without a note on how to listen. I've been through a number of different podcast players, and finally settled on Overcast. It's apparently only available on Apple devices though. But it has been the most consistent experience for me. 

So that's my podcast list. If you have a podcast you listen to that is not on the list, let me know. You can find me on twitter as @immauss or comment here.