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  • Greenbone's Community Feeds

    Submitted by scott on

    For those who may not be aware, the community feeds from Greenbone have certain limitations. Several years ago, Greenbone began differentiating more clearly between their community feed and the Enterprise feed by excluding NVTs related to "Enterprise" elements. This move is understandable as a strategy to distinguish the products they offer, given that they are a commercial, for-profit company.

  • Slowing the Scammers

    Submitted by scott on
    I don’t know about you, but the Robocalls and scam phone calls I get to my US phone number are getting out of control. (Yes, it's in the 'do not call registry'.) I use to manage my business line, and it does a pretty good job of filtering them out, but on 19 February, I got one by SMS and decided to see where it would go. I also figured that if I waste some of their time, all the better.
  • Do you listen to podcasts

    Submitted by scott on

    I've been asked by a few colleagues and friends about the podcasts that I listen to regularly, so I thought it would be a good idea to document it here for reference. If you don't listen to podcasts to keep up with the news, then you are missing out. I drive quite a bit, and it always bothers me that I feel like I'm losing that time, that I should be accomplishing something. I compensate that with podcasts. Some of them help me keep up with current trends and new vulnerabilities, and some of them teach me new things. While others ..... well ....

  • Get your own VPN Server!!

    Submitted by scott on

    I was recently contacted by a client for advice on selecting a VPN service for their employees to use. The goal was to provide them a VPN service they could use when connecting in coffee shops and other unencrypted/possibly rouge environments, but also to provide a single or small pool of IPs they could give to security conscious clients when doing remote work

  • 2 factor or 1.5 factor ?

    Submitted by Adriana Ardolino on

           With all the recent high-profile breaches, many people are asking: "How do I protect my data?" The resounding answer from the security community is: "Enable 2-factor authentication!" 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is widely recognized to be a far more secure option than a password alone. But what is 2FA?